Here you will find information about my current projects

University of Alberta

Priming Effect

Addition of substrates into soils may facilitate the decomposition of soil organic matter, suddenly increasing the carbon dioxide emissions in croplands for example. In this project, we are looking to model the priming effect considering nutrients cycles and find strategies that may enhance an appropriate croplands management.

Global C and N cycles

After the industrial revolution, the global climate change has been a worldwide concern because its repercussions may be irreversible for many species. In this project, we are developing a model which incorporates global C and N cycles to better understand the current situation that we are living in.

Stochastic modelling approach to producer-grazer systems under stoichiometric constraints

Different factors on a producer-grazer system may affect the dynamics if considered. In this work it was used a stochastic approach to study intrinsic and extrinsic noise factors that may affect phytoplankton and zooplankton interactions.

Temperature-dependent Methanogenesis Stoichiometric-Model

Recent carbon dioxide and methane emissions from Oil Sands Tailing Ponds (OSTP) have been subject of interest for oil sands companies and soil researchers. In this project we are looking to incorporate the temperature dependence during the biodegradation of hydrocarbons. Laboratory work and data collection are part of this project.

Monod vs Droop dynamics

Monod and Droop forms has been used in many mathematical models in ecology, and a direct comparison between them has been addressed. In this project we provide guidelines that will be useful during the process of building mathematical models when explicit resource growth of a living organism is considered.