Jasper to Banff Biking Trip

An amazing group, they are an inspiration to keep myself riding during my whole life.
Thanks for everything: Ben, Doreen, Tim, John, Donna, Dan, Murray, Sandra, Robert.


EL CICLISTA was filmed during a biking trip from Jasper to Banff AB, Canada in 2021.

In collaboration with SashaKolos as the editor, EL CICLISTA is a personal project which captures some fascinating natural sceneries from the Rocky Mountains that can be contemplated in a three hours video along with a great mixed playlist of progressive trance by Axel Ramos.

Amazed by the stunning views that I was able to see with my own eyes and this project is my attempt to share it with everyone. I want to specially thank SashaKolos and Axel Ramos for their participation in this project.

Vimeo: tinyurl.com/2p97wu8x

Axel Ramos:
Twitter: @axellenium
Youtube: https://tinyurl.com/mw3v9sh3

Ben Johnson Biking Tour Company
Website: https://tinyurl.com/mwhennrt

About this trip

As an amateur and beginner biking guy, I have many ways to describe this trip and perhaps legendary is the most appropriate one. I am one of the luckiest guys to have the opportunity to meet an amazing gang to ride along through a miniscule part of the all mighty Canadian Rocky Mountains. Not only was I lucky to ride along this group, we were very lucky to avoid the heavy smoke produced by the unfortunate wildfires in 2021. Ben Johnson was our biking guide. His support, dedication and professionalism left nothing but an amazing overall experience. It was my pleasure to meet and talk for hours with him during the road trip before our biking tour. Due to a completely successful campaign I wish Ben and his company Mountain Madness prosperity and infinitely more adventures.

Trip pictures